Advantageous Settlement for the Defense in Brain Damaged Baby case in Jacksonville, Florida

Best Evidence conducted four iterative jury simulations on behalf of the defendant Hospital to identify and test compelling arguments and themes, as well as the potential exposure. Information gathered during the course of the research exercises was subsequently used to construct a multi-media mediation presentation highlighting jury-eligible citizens’ favorable reactions to defense arguments in the […]

Important Victory for Global Hotel Chain

Best Evidence conducted a jury simulation for a global luxury hotel chain accused of violation of civil rights, negligence, false imprisonment, and battery. The high-profile plaintiffs, (multi-platinum recording artists and their family members), sued the hotel and three deputies from the local Sheriff’s Office over events that occurred at a New Year’s celebration at the […]

Best Evidence, Inc. Consults on Trial Involving Complex Digital Copyright/Trademark Infringement

Best Evidence congratulates plaintiff St. Luke’s Cataract and Laser Institute on its win. The jury decided in our client’s favor across-the-board for claims of Copyright Infringement, Trademark Infringement, Cyberpiracy in violation of the Consumer Protection Act, Violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, Conversion claims on both and, Violation of Florida Deceptive and […]

Positive Verdict for the Defense in Brain-Damaged Baby Case in Hillsborough County, Florida

Best Evidence conducted two iterative Mock Trials for the defendant hospital. The jury research identified the most compelling arguments and allowed the trial team to develop these into successful themes that resonated with jurors. Best Evidence created demonstratives and an animation that served to further engrain the arguments and themes in jurors’ memory. The electronic […]